Glenn Ford-Richard Dadier
Anne Francis-Anne Dadier
Louis Calhern-Jim Murdock
Margaret Hayes-Lois Hammond
John Hoyt-Mr. Warneke
Richard Kiley-Joshua Edwards
Emile Meyer-Mr. Halloran
Warner Anderson-Dr. Bradley
Basil Ruysdael-Professor Kraal
Sidney Poitier-Gregory Miller
Vic Morrow-Artie West
Dan Terranova-Belazi
Rafael Campos-Pete Morales
Paul Mazursky-Emmanuel Stoker
Horace McMahon-Detective





The movie Blackboard Jungle is hard hitting and probably a better representation of juvenile delinquency in the nineteen fifties than Rebel Without A Cause or The Wild One. The story revolves around an idealistic teacher on his first job in a tough urban all male high school.  The teacher, Richard Dadier, is played by Glenn Ford who performs the role almost too passively.  He is surrounded by apathetic teachers and a principle (Mr. Warneke, played by John Hoyt) who has trouble admitting that the school has discipline problems. The movie is based on the novel The Blackboard Jungle by Evan Hunter.

Vic Morrow is Artie West, a gloomy, morose gang leader who has uncanny control over other members of the class who look up to him and fear him.  His dislike for Mr. Dadier is immediate and passionate, brought on by an incident in the school library where Mr. Dadier prevents the sexual assault of a new female teacher by members of Artie West's inner circle.  Vic Morrow does an excellent acting job as he plays the Artie West character but it's almost the same type of brooding portrayal we see him play in later years in the television series Combat! and in Twilight Zone - The Movie where he met his untimely death in a helicopter accident.

Sidney Poitier, as always, turns in an excellent performance. He portrays Gregory Miller, the less bitter and more intelligent class leader. He, too, initially dislikes Mr. Dadier but their respect for one another grows throughout the film. Miller is a student who initially tried to get the most out of his education but soon realized that no one really cared so he succumbed to the frustrations and decided to bide his time until he could legally drop out of school. He, like the others, realized that causing trouble that would get him expelled from school would probable be enough trouble to get him sent to what was called, before political correctness, reform school.

Richard Kiley is Joshua Edwards, another new teacher in the school, who is so naive and passive that he becomes a favorite target of the hoodlums. The final straw is when he brings his prized record collection to play for one of his math classes and the records are destroyed by the delinquents.

Other recognizable names in the movie are Anne Francis as Anne Dadier, Paul Mazursky as Emmanual Stoker, and Jameel Farah (now known as Jamie Farr) as Santini.

Blackboard Jungle was a shocking film for its time and several cities banned the movie which only served to contribute to its success. Some cities banned it because of its multi-racial content while others did it because of fear that it would spark violence. Claire Booth Luce and the Eisenhower Administration kept it from being shown at the Venice Film Festival. Even today it is a disturbing film.





Wav Sound Files (11KHz)

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Mr. Warneke: "There's absolutely no discipline problem here."

Jim Murdock: "There is no discipline problem in Alcatraz either." (61K)
Jim Murdock: "Take a ruler to one of these delinquents, he'll beat you to death with it."  (34K)
Josh Edwards: "Got any tips for a rookie?"

Jim Murdock: "Two.  Don't be a hero and never turn your back on the class."  (77K)
Artie West: "You ever try to fight thirty-five guys at one time, Teach?"  (35K)
Mr. Dadier: "Take your hat off, boy, before I knock it off."  (30K)
Artie West: "You talking to me, Teach?"  (17K)
Artie West: "Look. You're in my classroom now. And what I could teach you. The first lesson is don't butt in. Just don't."  (88K)
Mr. Dadier: "I said bring your paper up here."

Artie West: "And I said what for."  (64K)
Artie West: "You going to make me, Dadio?"

Mr. Dadier: "Come on, let's go."

Artie West: "How'd you like to go to hell?"  (64K)
Artie West: "Well, are you big enough to take me down to the principal's office cause that's just what you're going to have to do. You're going to have to take me."  (54K)
Mr. Dadier: "Give me that knife."

Artie West: "Here it is. All you got to do is take it. Now, come on. Come on, take it. Come on."  (54K)
Gregory Miller: "He's crazy. He's high. He's floating on sneaky Pete wine."  (39K)


Wav Sound Effects From the Movie (11KHz)

Mechanical typewriter.  (31K)
Crowd noise.  (104K)
Whistles and cat calls.  (176K)
Baseball hitting blackboard.  (26K)
Time clock being punched.  (12K)
Glass breaking.  (18K)
Woman scream.  (16K)
More glass breaking.  (20K)
Falling rain.  (63K)
Machine shop sounds.  (113K)
Box being slapped against wall.  (13K)
Knocking on door and door opening.  (23K)
Person being slammed against wall and punched.  (58K)
Tip of switch blade knife being broken off.  (29K)


Trailer   (6,164K)

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