Robert Blake-Perry Smith
Scott Wilson-Dick Hickock
John Forsythe-Alvin Dewey
aul Stewart-Reporter (Jenson)
Gerald S. O'Loughlin-Harold Nye
Jeff Corey-Mr. Hickock
John Gallaudet-Roy Church
James Flavin-Clarence Duntz
John Collins-Judge Roland Tate
Charles McGraw-Mr. Smith
James Lantz-Officer Rohleder
Will Geer-Prosecutor
John McLiam-Herbert Clutter
Brenda Currin-Nancy Clutter
Ruth Storey-Bonnie Clutter






This 1967 film was nominated for four Oscars. Two of the nominations were for Richard Brooks for Best Director and Best Screenplay Based on Another Medium. He lost the director award to Mike Nichols for The Graduate and the screenplay award to Stirling Silliphant for In the Heat of the Night. Also nominated was Conrad Hall in the Cinematography category but he lost to Burnett Guffey for Bonnie and Clyde. A nomination for Best Original Music Score was given to Quincy Jones but that award went to Elmer Bernstein for Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The movie is an adaptation of Truman Capote's novel of the same name. Even though the book is classified as a novel, it is more non-fiction than fiction.

The story revolves around two small time ex-cons. Perry Smith (Robert Blake) and Dick Hickock (Scott Wilson) have recently been released from prison. These two individuals don't seem to be very intelligent and if they were by themselves, they probably would have been the same petty criminals they'd always been. Together, they are a deadly duo.

Perry is the dreamer of the two. He dreams of becoming a famous Country and Western singer. He also dreams about finding gold and buried treasure but, all through the movie, he's the more realistic of the pair when it comes to the crime they're planning. He's also a Korean War Veteran, wracked with pain because of a war injury. He's continually downing aspirin to ward off the pain.

Hickock learned from a prison buddy about a farmer in Holcomb, Kansas who had a safe in his house with ten thousand dollars inside it. Hickock picked up Smith at the bus station in Kansas City and they made plans to drive to Holcomb and find the safe in the Clutter family farmhouse. Perry worries that they don't have any stockings to put over their faces but Hickock boasts that they won't need them because they weren't going to leave any witnesses. It is nearly midnight when they arrive at the Clutter farm. Smith says to Hickock, "Let's get out of here. Now. Before it's too late."

The scene then changes to the following morning when friends stop by to pick up the daughter, Nancy Clutter, for church. In the next scene, police cars and ambulances roaring toward the Clutter farm. The whole beginning of the film employs ingenious interwoven changes between scenes.

We learn that all the members of the Clutter family have been killed and that four agents for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation have been assigned to the case. Agent Alvin Dewey (John Forsythe) heads this group. The middle of the movie follows the investigation of the crime by these agents and also the travels of Smith and Hickock.

The killers end up in Mexico but Hickock tires of it and they return to The United States. By this time the agents know who they are because Hickock's prison buddy has told officials about the stories he'd told him about the safe. They are arrested in Las Vegas and transported back to Kansas. It's during the drive back that we learn what happened at the Clutter farm.

For the sake of realism, In Cold Blood was filmed in Holcomb, Kansas at the Clutter farm where the actual murders took place as well as the other actual locations. At the trial portion of the film, six of the original jurors were used as actors in the jury box. When Hickock and Smith are hanged, the hangman you see is the same man who performed the real hanging.

Excellent acting performances are turned in by Robert Blake and Scott Wilson in this gripping drama.





Wav Sound Files (11KHz)

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Reverend Post: "Perry, think. You've already broken parole by quitting your job. You'll break it again if you step into Kansas. Whatever you do, don't cross that river into Kansas." (117K)
Dick Hickock: "Forget it. Black stockings are a waste of time. No one's going to remember us cause we're leaving no witnesses."  (98K)
Roy Church: "Were all four tied with the same cord?"

Alvin Dewey:  "All tied with the same square knot used by anybody who works with livestock."

Roy Church: "You find any shell casings?"

Alvin Dewey: "Nope."  (119K)
Alvin Dewey: "The old Kansas myth. Every farmer with a good spread's supposed to have a black box somewhere filled with money. No. Herb paid everything by check, even a two dollar haircut."  (136K)
Jenson: "Don't people around here lock doors?"

Alvin Dewey: "They will tonight."  (50K)
Perry Smith: "You and your hot shot prison buddy Floyd Wells. Big fat safe in the wall. Ten thousand dollars. A cinch."

Dick Hickock: "Okay. Floyd's a jerk."  (150K)
Alvin Dewey: "Who would kill four people in cold blood for a radio, a pair of binoculars and forty dollars in cash?"

Roy Church: "These days, just take your pick on any crowded street."  (150K)
Perry Smith: "When Dick first told me the plan, it didn't even seem real. And then the closer we got, the more real it became."  (94K)
Perry Smith: "I thought Mr. Clutter was a very nice gentleman. I thought so right up to the time I cut his throat."  (111K)
Perry Smith: "Once you hit the end of the rope, your muscles lose control. I'm afraid I'll mess myself."

Prison Guard: "It's nothing to be ashamed of. They all do it."  (171K)


Wav Sound Effects From the Movie (11KHz)

Railroad crossing signal with car speeding across.  (110K)
Doorbell ringing.  (119K)
Cars speeding around corner.  (83K)
Check being torn from check book.  (7K)
Car honking.  (9K)
Prison cell opening.  (32K)
12 gauge shotgun being pumped open.  (11K)
Pair of motorcycles starting up and leaving.  (143K)
Multiple footsteps on stairs.  (91K)
Coin rolling across floor.  (40K)
Heartbeats before and after scaffold trap door springs open.  (178K)


Trailer   (7,919K)

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