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After the shooting, we find ourselves with a mountain of rushes! Each shot required several takes… So we have to sort it out!
Thanks to the image reports of the script supervisor, the editor or one of his assistants will select and organize all the shots that were retained at the time of the shooting, this is the derushing. The director may be present at this time.
A sound synchronization is also part of the program: the sound being recorded separately from the image at the time of the shooting, it is necessary to assemble them, a work which is done in particular thanks to the clap. After this preparation phase, the actual editing can begin. This part can last from a few months to a year or more.


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Film genres



It is a very common genre that is serious, realistic, in which characters are confronted with serious problems and/or live through passionate conflicts. It arouses feelings of sadness, terror or pity in the spectator, playing on his or her sensitivity, even though it may contain humor and occasionally provoke laughter.



Unlike fantasy, the supernatural elements are part of the characters' lives and are not necessarily the object of doubt or fear, an anchoring in the real world is not necessary. This genre allows the creation of imaginary worlds that do not correspond to the physical laws of our reality.



If action is defined by the "set of events that make up a story", the "action film" genre includes films that are characterized by a succession of spectacular scenes (chases, explosions of all kinds, fights, falls). the genre "action film" includes films that are characterized by a succession of spectacular scenes (chases, explosions of all kinds, fights, falls ...).

Stalker, male person cooking canned food on fire


A film in which a character or characters have no choice but to constantly struggle against hostile physical and/or environmental forces for their survival.



In an adventure film, a hero (fictional or not) undergoes an extraordinary and unexpected event. This results in a number of extraordinary actions on his part. In general, the rhythm is sustained, the spectator experiences a change of scenery and the film includes several spectacular scenes.


Horror/ Scary

The purpose of this genre is to create a feeling of fear, terror and/or anxiety. It joins the fantasy with the presence of supernatural creatures such as werewolves, zombies or vampires.

Some films

Jurassic World

Science fiction

Fast and Furious 8


Harry Potter



Science fiction

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